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About is a website for both independent and signed artists who want to have their music tested by two groups – radio and fans. We provide reputable national charts, song ratings and feedback for research and marketing purposes. Your song will be heard and the results seen by hundreds of fans, radio programmers, record company decision-makers and the industry.
Unbiased Ratings & Comments

When you submit your song to be reviewed, the name of the artist or group is NOT identified to the reviewers and fans. They are only given the title of your song and the mp3 audio to make their evaluation. This provides an unbiased and equitable rating of your song against other songs.
Based on how much people like your song, you can have a real influence on the success your song receives at radio and in the industry. You can see how strong your song really is and find out how it ranks against other songs on the charts. Maybe it will be the top song of the month! Or, it could even be the highest rated song of the year!
How much does it cost to survey a song?
The cost to have your song tested and rated on is $50 per reviewer.
How does work?

Once you submit your song to, it is sent to radio programmers and fans. They listen to your song and then provide two things; first, they rate your song on a scale of 1 to 100; second, they provide specific comments about your song. Once this process is complete, our database calculates the average score from all reviewer scores and posts that average score (along with the song comments) to our exclusive charts. You’ll be able to see every comment and every score that is posted through a custom page that we create for you.

The 1-100 Rating System

Some music rating services use a scale of 1-5. At we feel that a broader scale of 1 to 100 gives the radio reviewers and the fans a larger numerical range with which to rate your song. You see, using the 1 to 5 scale, you might end up with three songs that all tied with an average score of 4. So the question is… which of those three songs is indeed better than the other? Using’s rating scale of 1-100, those same three songs might receive average scores of 81, 84 or even as high as 89. Therefore, the average score your song receives will be uniquely different from all other songs scores and will rank accordingly on’s charts.

What’s the breakdown of the 1-100 ratings scale?

It’s just like school grades.
90-100 is an A. Radio reviewers or fans “LOVED” your song.
80-89 is a B. They “LIKED” your song.
70-79 is a C. They thought your song was “SO SO.”
60-69 is a D. They “DIDN’T LIKE” your song.
50-59 is an F. They “HATED” your song.
Have other questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us today at