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                          Zhejiang Haiqiang Chemical Co.,Ltd.founded in 2006,is the fully-owned subsidiary of international chemical group HQC GROUP.Our company specialize in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of various chemicals. Stick to the mission of &ldquo;quality, service, credit and development&rdquo; and principle of &ldquo;low-carbon, environmental protection&rdquo;, our brand Haiqiang enters international market including Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Europe, etc. We provide important chemical raw material to industries such as chemicals, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber, food, cosmetic, color dyeing, flavors and fragrances, etc. Our company has won the trust of many customers at home and abroad and we have established stable cooperative relationship with our customers in America, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

            We have established research centers in Shanxi Province and Jiangsu Province. With professional research and development technical team, advanced inspection, test equipments such as liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and magnetic drive autoclave, we have established good technical cooperative relationship with many state research institutes which promote our technical force.    

            HQC logistics fleet and warehouse in Shanghai and Hangzhou can be delivered to customers and allocated to port warehouse on time.


    Our advantages

    Laboratory---we have established many research and development centers in many regions.

    Manufacturing base--- we have established already in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong Province.

    Good business relationship--- we have established good cooperative relationship with hundreds qualified manufacturers through long-term cooperation.

    Transportation--- we have established close cooperative relationship with many big transportation companies. Our transportation covers all over China and we deliver our goods safely to the destination.::;;;;;;;dd 


    Strength of our ethical commitment to quality control and quality assurance systems firmly based on ISO standard.

    Our company have won ISO9001:2008 idt GB/T19001-2008 certificate and ISO14001:2008 idt GB/T24001-2016 certificate.

    Our quality system is divided into Quality Assurance Dept. and Quality Control Dept., some 10 staffs are engaged in the activities for securing stable product quality.

     Quality Assurance Dept. is responsible for the guidance with and the management of quality assurance activities of the entire company in order to ascertain that our manufacturing activity could be carried out in compliance with the related laws, regulations and ISO standard.

     Quality Control Dept. is engaged in analytical test for quality check throughout entire production activities, from raw materials to finished products.

     海强ISO9001 2015.jpg海强ISO14001 2015.jpg

     ISO9001:2008 idt GB/T19001-2008 certificate              ISO14001:2008 idt GB/T24001-2016 certificate


                                                                  Corporate Business certificate                                      

                                                                              KOREA Trademark certificate



                                                                    Hazardous chemicals business license


    HQC' Customer.jpg

                                                                                             HQC' Customer